Euro Home Loft

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Euro Home Villa Loft –  a classic look with a new design.

Size 1285x192x8 mm.
Panels per package: 9 pieces (2,22 m²).
Weight per package: 16 kg.
Class: 32/AC4 as per EN 13329 (domestic use with heavy utilization and commercial use general utilization).
Guaranteed for 20 years.
Twin-clic – easy installation with the twin-clic system.
Anti bacterial coating.
Eco friendly.

qoft K039 Silverside Driftwood

Collection: Euro Home Loft.Decor: K039 Silverside Driftwood | Multistrip | GT | 192 mm.Dimension: 1285x192x8 mm.Panels/Pack.: 9 pieces (2,22 m²).Weight/Pack.: 16 kg.Class: 32 / AC4 as per EN 13329.Guaranteed: for 20...

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