Euro Home River 8+

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Floors featuring MO.RE! technology offer you as much as 48 hours of splash-water protection. MO.RE! technology is based on a new substrate formulation. This makes the floor significantly less prone to swelling and therefore more resistant to the effects  of water than conventional laminate floors.

Size: 1285x195x8 mm.
Panels per package: 9 pieces (2,22 m²).
Weight per package: 15 kg.
Class: 33 / AC5 as per EN 13329.
Guaranteed for 30 years (guarantee is valid for domestic use according to the conditions of guarantee).
1clic2go pure – clickable short and long edges.
Anti-bacterial comfort.
Pet proof.
Eco friendly.
Light-resistant and colorfast.

River 8+ V4 K475 Virgin Scandi Larch

Collection: Euro Home River 8+.Decor: K475 Virgin Scandi Larch | Planked | VS.V-groove: 4-sides.Dimension: 1285x192x8 mm.Panels/Pack.: 9 pieces (2,22 m²).Weight/Pack: 15 kg.Class: 33 / AC5 as per EN 13329.Guaranteed: for 30...

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River 8+ V4 K476 Inca Carpenter Mill

Collection: Euro Home River 8+.Decor: 476 Inca Carpenter Mill | Planked | VS.V-groove: 4-sides.Dimension: 1285x192x8 mm.Panels/Pack.: 9 pieces (2,22 m²).Weight/Pack: 15 kg.Class: 33 / AC5 as per...

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River 8+ V4 K477 Natural Carpenter Oak

Collection: Euro Home River 8+.Decor: K477 Natural Carpenter Oak | Planked | CM.V-groove: 4-sides.Dimension: 1285x192x8 mm.Panels/Pack.: 9 pieces (2,22 m²).Weight/Pack: 15 kg.Class: 33 / AC5 as...

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