Gutex Wood Fibre Insulation Board

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Ecological Wood Fibre Insulation for new and refurbished buildings - from roof to cellar ceiling. All Gutex products are manufactured from fir and spruce obtained solely from the Black Forest using sustainable forestry practices - truly the best basis for high quality wood fibre insulation. In addition, the natureplus® certificate indicates the product is biologically safe and manufactured using environmentally safe techniques and practices. It also verifies its suitability and usability for the specified applications.


Gutex Thermoflex

Description: Gutex Thermoflex is a flexible wood fibreboard that is designed for use between rafters and in timber-framed walls.Application: timber frame, post and beam interior and exterior wall structures, between rafter...

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Gutex Multiplex-Top

Description: Gutex Multiplex-Top is a rain-tight sarking board with single-ply construction, homogenous cross-section and paraffin impregnation.Application: in above rafter constructions as sarking or wall insulation over Gutex...

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Gutex Thermoinstal

Description: Gutex Thermoinstal is a compression resistant insulation board with single-ply construction and homogenous cross-section for the thermal insulation of installation cavities, electrical and plumbing...

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Gutex Ultratherm

Description: Gutex Ultratherm is a rain-tight sarking board with execellent U-factor.Application: upgrading of insulation in new and old buildings, sheathing of timber frame structures (vented facades).Joint: tonque &...

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