HPL Cladding

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Solkern and Dekokern ar engineered for exterior coverings such as façade cladding, balcony panelling, sunblinds, soffits and other demanding applications. The solid phenolic, engineered exterior façade panels, have a decorative surface on both sides. The panels are impact-, abrasion-, weather- and UV resistant. Thanks to the wide variety of colors, sizes and thicknesses Solkern and Dekokeren is a perfect match for almost every architectural vision. HPL coloured screws are specially designed for attaching the panels, the screws are made of stainless steel and are provided with a UV-, impact and scratch resistant epoxy coating.


Dekokern HPL

Description: solid phenolic, engineered Dekokern exterior façade panels have a decorative surface on both sides. Robust and resilient, these rigid homogeneous panels are manufactured using tough thermosetting resins...

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