Interior- & Exterior Doors

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Houtwerf offering a great selection of interior and exterior doors out of stock such as Berkvens interior doors and hardwood exterior doors. There is also a comprehensive range of luxury doors in different styles and top brands that stand for quality, such as Albo, Weekamp and Skantrae.  Our great variety of doors, utility, modern, classic and from country to French doors can bring the look an appeal to your home that you desire. The door furniture selection gives without doubt the finishing touch to your doors and will make the difference between a dull entrance and a welcoming, striking doorway.

Door Flush

Description: pre-painted white interior door for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The primer is suitable for many paint systems. The doors are excellent in combination with the Berkvens steel frames.Model:...

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Berkvens Door Rebated White

Description: white lacquered interior door with an environmentally friendly, scratch-resistant TCS lacquer layer. The doors are suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and are excellent in combination...

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Alumaxx Door Panel

Description: sheet material constructed from peeling and cutting veneers and a vapor-barrier aluminum layer. The panel has a solid core. The structure is the same at every position, therefore is the panel very flexible in terms...

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