Oak Flat Cover Beading

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Solid oak flat beading available in a large selection of finishes matched the hardwood flooring. The flat beading is the ideal solution for a stylish wall finish.

  • Dimensions: 5x28 mm.
  • Length: 240 cm.
  • Base material: solid oak.
  • Finish: a large selection finishes, suitable for all hardwood flooring.  




02 Oak Flat Cover Beading Unfinished

Flat cover beading code: 02.Base material: solid oak.Finish: unfinished.Matched hardwood flooring: Intra Aphrodite INA101, Intra Classic ICL001, ICL101,  Intra Herringbone ICV101 and Intra Domaine IDO001.Dimension: 5x28 mm,...

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03 Oak Flat Cover Beading Natural Oil

Flat cover beading code: 03.Base material: solid oak.Finish: natural oil.Matched hardwood flooring: Intra Classic ICL002, ICL102 and Intra Classic Herringbone ICV002 en ICV102.Dimension: 5x28 mm, 240 cm.

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22 Oak Flat Cover Beading Dark Brown Oil

Flat cover beading code: 22.Base material: solid oak.Finish: dark brown oil.Matched hardwood flooring: Intra Classic ICL704, Intra Classic Herringbone ICV704 and Intra Domaine IDO704.Dimension: 5x28 mm, 240 cm.

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23 Oak Flat Cover Beading Pure Oil

Flat cover beading code: 23.Base material: solid oak.Finish: pure oil.Matched hardwood flooring: Intra Country ICO8712, Intra Classic ICL010, ICL110 ICL810 and Intra Classic Herringbone ICV 010 en ICV110. Dimension:...

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