Family business

Founded in the 1930s, Houtwerf grew from a local supplier of wood and plate material tot an international company with a strong position in DIY and general contracting. The starting point of Houtwerf is going back to mr H. Verbeek who founded the company in those days. Houtwerf starts it’s history in Leiden, where mr H. Verbeek provided local contractors in Leiden in their necessities. Houtwerf always stayed a family business.

International company

The second generation Verbeek took over the wood company in 1975, when mr H Verbeek delegated the company to his sons. For thirty years, the company was led by mr P. W. Verbeek, mr G. Verbeek en mr H.A.L. Verbeek. In that period, the company grew as an international company, supplying different target markets. Houtwerf opened locations in Europe and specialized on multiple ranges of activities.

Strong position in DIY and general contracting

The management of Houtwerf consists since the 1st of January 2003 of the 3rd generation Verbeek. With mr H. P. Verbeek and mr P. F. Verbeek knows further growth and is located in Zoeterwoude. The family business had succeeded the maintain of her strong position in DIY and general contracting. At the same time, they focus on further national and international expansion.