About us

As an international wholesale trade service and co-producer, Houtwerf is the specialist with more than 80 years of experience in wood, plate material en parquet and laminate floors. Amongst our customers we have specialized stores, do it yourself-stores (DIY), contractors and construction companies. Considering our high velocity and delivery with our fixed transporter, we can offer short term deliveries at sharp prices.

Our network

Houtwerf disposes of an extended network of suppliers, customers and expertise. With the unique composition of specialized operating companies, we are able to react quickly on changes and desires of the market.

Sustainability and certifications

As wood traders, ofcourse we aim at providing sustainably managed wood. Therefore we are proud of our certificates awarding this aspiration. Since 2004, we are in possession of the FSC verification mark for sustainable wood management. Since 2011, Houtwerf also has the PEFC Certificate. We hope that the next generations can continue to enjoy all of our beautiful forests.

In 2013, the ISPM 15-certificate was added, fixing measures to ensure that living vermin will not be disseminated through wood packages. Buyers and users of wood packages can be ensured of problem-free worldwide transport.

Collaboration with Kruyt

Houtwerf is proud provider of an one-stop-shopping formula. Due to our collaboration with specialist trade of hardware Kruyt, contractors and freelancers can satisfy all their needs in wood and hardware in our building in Zoeterwoude.