Intra DecoWall Panels

Intra DecoWall TeakIntra Decowall panels create atmosphere and character.

The new trend for  wall cladding is our  Intra Decowall panels, the panels can be used in place of wallpaper or paint. The panels let nature come into your home and give each room a beautiful, warm ambience.

Intra Decowall panels can be use in your living room,  bedroom, kitchen, bathroom (not insidewet shower area),  veranda (sheltered outdoor) as well as restaurants, shops and hotels. Direct contact with water is s not recommended, splash water is not a problem as long as the panels are treated with a stain or lacquer.

The panels are easy to install and slide together.

■  3D effect.
■  Dimension 15×60 cm, thickness 20 mm.
■  Packed in a box á 0,99 m².
■  The panels are maintenance free and can be placed horizontally and vertically.
■  Easy to install.
■  Recycled wood.
■  Timeless.

Burl Teak 3D Wall 1 Burl Teak 3D Wall 3