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Construction-, Facade-, Roof- & Insulation Foils

LDPE Film Transparent

Description: LDPE foil is used for a wide variety of applications such as temporary surface protection of materials, temporary glazing, moisture barrier for concrete floor, protection against rain, wind, etc. The foil is...

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Ispafol GO Reinforced PE Foil

Description: construction reinforced polyethylene foil.Application: for emergency glazing, as a cover and tarpaulin.Material: reinforced PE film.Color: transparent.Tear strength:  ± 150 N/5 cm.Service temperature...

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Ispafol GG Reinforced PE Foil Perforated

Application: for all ventilated pitched roofs.Material: synthetic reinforced micro perforated foil.Fire resistance: Class F according EN 13501-01.Service temperature range: + 5ºC to + 40ºC.Tensile strength :...

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Renifol Foil

Description: 3-ply, high-strength spun-bonded PP breather membrane.Application: for fully insulated pitched roofs.Material:  3-layered roof membrane made of tear resistant, permeable PP-spunbond material and film layer...

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Delta Fassade Foil

Description: permeable, UV-stabilized protective foil.Application: for façade designs with open joints up to 20 mm or maximum 20%.Material: special coated high-tear resistant polyester membrane with waterproof plastic...

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Iso Bubble Aluminium Insulation Membrane

Description: is a multi-layer foil bubble laminate, coated with polyethylene to provide a corrosion resistant insulation system. Iso Bubble is easy to install. The aluminium is coated to give durability and corrosion ...

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