Intra Underfloor

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Underfloors for different applications like levelling, sound reduction, and easy to install.


Intra Silentwalk

Silentwalk is a rubber underfloor with a gold-colored aluminum finish and is suitable for laminate and parquet. The lower floor is damp-proof and has a great sound insulating capacity with regard to the...

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Intra Softboard Underfloor

Description: environmentally-friendly insulation system made from natural wood fibres. Acoustic underlay for parquet and laminate floors. Application: for use in dry conditions.Mean density: ± 940  kg/m³.

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Intra Silent Super Underfloor

Silent Super is an insulating, waterproofing and leveling underlay for laminated flooring and parquet. Specialy designed for sound absorption. Silent Super is manufactured of ethylene vinyl acetate foam with a total thickness of...

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Intra Alufoam

Alufoam is made of unbranched polyethylene foam and has a 3 mm top layer of aluminum, provided with a vapor-proof PE foil with a self-adhesive overlap of 20 mm. Suitable for a flat underground.

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Intra Ultra Silent Underfloor

Description: an insulating, waterproffing and leveling underlay for laminated flooring and parquet. Ultra Silent Underfloor is manufactured of high, density polyethylene (IXPE) foam with a total thickness of 2 mm, with a PE film...

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Intra HD Underfloor

HD Underlay is an insulating, leveling, noise-reducing and moisture-resistant underlay for laminate- but especially for PVC (clic) flooring. HD Underlay is made of high density Polythylene foil with antislip film, total thickness...

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