Timber Cladding

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Wood cladding gives buildings a natural look. The application and environment can have an effect on the type of wood chosen to be used. Western Red Cedar cladding is a North American softwood with a high natural durability and is the perfect material for exterior cladding. One of the prominent features of western red cedar is its color variability. Dark red meranti, mainly from Southeast Asia, is a beautifully colored hardwood which can vary between dark- and light red. If the wood is left untreated, it turns in the classic silver color depending on how much sunlight the cladding will receives. A timber cladding gives your home or business premises a stylish and unique look.

Painted Black Timer Cladding

Description: made from high quality, certified, impregnated Scandinavian softwood, perfect for exterior cladding situations. Finish two coats of factory applied black paint (Tecknos).Application: exterior conditions.Specie:...

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Western Red-Cedar Cladding

Description: western red cedar provides an attractive, lasting and durable finish for (horizontal) cladding. Red Cedar cladding is valued for its distinctive appearance with a warm reddish brown colour, a tight straight grain and...

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Rubberwood AB Trim Board Primed

Description: primed, finger jointed, edge-glued, trim board, made from the rubber tree after the full cycle of latex production is finished. Rubberwood is environmentally, formaldehyde free and CO2 neutral.Application: protects...

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WRC Trim Board Primed

Description: Western Red Cedar trim board, rift sawn, laminated, finger jointed and pre-painted. The trim board protects and covers the overhanging edges at the perimeter of the roof.Surface finishing: pre-painted coating system...

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